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Company History


People often ask how we got started in what can only be described as a mucky business.   Like many companies, Cleaning Consultants grew and diversified, starting in 1972 with a very basic but then state of the art steam cleaner, washing commercial vehicles. This quickly progressed to many years of cleaning livestock pens on farms, followed by cleaning and painting factory and garage floors.    Since those early days we have pioneered new methods of cleaning and paint stripping.

Blast cleaning was a natural progression.  It was pretty crude in the early 80’s but refinements like vacuum recovery blast cleaning with reduced dust was a great benefit in areas like the Channel Tunnel and London Underground.

Over the years the processes have evolved and there are numerous different blasting systems and materials in the market place. Each has its own benefits and limitations but we elected to pursue plastic media blasting for paint stripping classic car and aeroplane parts in particular, because of its ‘Green’ credentials - since largely re-cycled material is used, but we expanded also into the use of various grades of fine abrasives that not only remove paints, powder coating, wood stains, but also corrosion – something most other methods used in car restoration cannot do.

As we have grown we have been involved in all sorts of interesting projects but our core business has developed and our expertise honed to the point where our skilled operators are entrusted with some of the most valuable and exotic cars in the world, works of art, in stone, metalwork and bronze, as well as some remarkable buildings of historic interest.

During its 38 year’s trading, our organisation has worked for many Government and Local Authorities, and what used to be the Property Services Agency (PSA) that maintains the Military establishments and Royal Palaces. We have worked in The National Gallery, National Trust houses including Ham House, Uppark House, Hampton Court Palace, Goodwood House, Amberley Castle, for the British Museum, and also at a number of UK homes owned by the richest man in the world.

We worked for the Ministry Of Defence, The Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force, BAE (part of the Anglo French consortium which built Concorde), British Airways; we have been consulted on and carried out removal of radar reflective finishes on Warships for the Royal Navy, carried out trials and written reports on the efficient removal of paint from fibreglass hulled minesweepers, been consulted on the cleaning of the hulls of Atomic submarines and we periodically blast new components for Nuclear Submarines at our dedicated premises.

We have carried out paint removal from military and civilian aircraft, removed paint from Formula 1 racing cars, built and supplied equipment to organisations such as the RAF, and British Rail.    Through our endeavours to improve methods and standards, our activities have progressed naturally into design.   The company has been commissioned to design and build computer controlled machines and automated systems that are used in processes for cleaning and stripping a variety of materials and designed and won orders to build computer controlled equipment for an International company in the Auto Catalyst industry - in competition with 5 other International Companies. Our MD is the individual holder of Ministry of Defence Standard approval 80-194 for a specific blast media.

 Another interesting development is the technique we use to efficiently and gently clean fire damaged surfaces.  No amount of hand washing can achieve the same results.

To compliment this, we have developed methods to enhance not only the end result for our customers, but also improved working practices for our operatives, building strong working relationships with all concerned.  We are now in the process of sharing these developments with other blast cleaning companies, through the manufacture of our innovative products.

Having perfected the art of gentle blast cleaning, what really makes us stand out from most other blast cleaning companies is the huge variety of industries we can cater for, as well as the needs of the individual consumer.

Further evolvement into using our finishing techniques for fabricators and manufacturers has taken place in recent years, widening even further the scope for variety of work for our skilled operatives at our yard premises in Loxwood, near Billingshurst. The facilities have expanded and developed greatly since those early days when Jamie King-Wilson started cleaning lorries and farm livestock pens in 1972 with that steam cleaning machine towed behind a hotted-up Morris Minor!

The old Morris Minor was replaced long ago and our steam cleaning machine isn’t used too often these days, but  Jamie still remains at the helm. Our diverse portfolio of work continues to grow because of his honesty and integrity in a demanding economy. The company's exemplary customer service (backed by hundreds of customer testimonials) and the  high standards of it's  employees, ensure that this expert service will continue for many years to come.

We don’t spend huge amounts of money on marketing and advertising and we don’t go to trade shows.  We simply don’t have the time and the costs involved would have to be passed on to our customers.   The majority of our work comes from recommendations or from existing customers who have experienced that our methods do exactly what is required.

If we had a company motto, it would probably be "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well." We may not be the cheapest blast cleaners around, but we pride ourselves in the fact that we do things well, with a degree of finesse and in a way we would expect for ourselves.  Jamie clearly has inherited his great, great grandfather's genes - see our Featured Article on St. Pancras.