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Fire Damage

Cleaning smoke damaged buildings has become another of our specialities.  
Following an arson attack on a lovely old church in Grayshott, we were appointed by the Parochial Church Council to take on the mammoth task of restoring the smoke damaged timbers, stone and stained glass windows.

If you apply a scale of 1 to 10 to blast cleaning media (the material used to literally blast off the offending coating), rouge would be at level 1- the softest, with diamond at level 10, the hardest, then our normal grit would be at level 7.  The media we used on the church (which one is our secret!) had a hardness level 3 which we also used to clean the beautiful stained glass.

We built a birdcage scaffold from floor to ceiling and covered all the pews and floors in protective sheeting. The soft stone around the stain glass windows had to be specially treated since wet cleaning would have resulted in the stone absorbing the soot. Vacuum recovery blasting using a soft dry abrasive at low pressure, was therefore required.

Once the hard pine roof timbers had been vacuum blasted, we restored their colour with natural beeswax and a small amount of dark tan boot polish which gave it a perfect match to the original.  See our first series of pictures below.

The Chairman of the Parochial Council kindly wrote:

"On behalf of all members, I write to express our appreciation of the excellent result achieved by your company's cleaning operation on the interior of the church. Its pristine appearance is the source of much favourable comment. Please pass on our congratulations to your team."

The second series of pictures below is of another church we cleaned, but of course we apply the same techniques to all types of fire damaged buildings.