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A little light humour

Blasting is all about compressed air and abrasive being combined in an airstream and directed through an orifice, the nozzle orifice is a critical part of the technology so we are used to checking out the orifice when we are blasting.

The strangest enquiry we have ever had in 35 years of cleaning came in recently:

Have you ever seen the strange program where people do silly and clearly very painful things to themselves and each other....? Such as stapling messages to one anothers bare derrieres with a staple gun! 

Well the producer of this whacky TV program called us to enquire about the implications and hazards involved in aiming an operating blasting machine at the participants bare flesh!!!

NOT a good idea!

Naturally we warned of the greatest danger being the compressed air getting into the blood stream, causing an air bubble which could travel to the brain and kill the victim of the 'prank', although not likely still a possible outcome. A guaranteed outcome would be the abrasive puncturing the skin and lodging in the flesh, this may not be lethal but I know I wouldn't want to experience it!

Having been deterred from that idea they then asked about using high pressure water jets instead for the same purpose, which if aimed in the wrong orifice would be similarly dangerous.

I think we will be sticking with blasting cars and oak beams rather than moonlighting on TV shows!